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The Antelope Valley's only public gun range!
- Established 1956 -

Our Services

Give us a call or come see us to learn more.

Guns, Ammo, and Accessories

We sell all kinds of guns, ammunition, and accessories to go along with your favorite equipment.

We also have a gunsmith onsite to assist with all of your gunsmithing needs. Call or come by for more information.

Public Gun Range

We operate the Antelope Valley’s only public, indoor gun range for handgun use.

Why Come See Us

Customer Service

Our employees are always happy to assist with any questions and customer needs.


We stock the best guns for every situation: home defense, concealed carry, target shooting, and more.


The Gun Shop in Lancaster is a family-owned and operated business. Join the family and the Gun Shop community.

Gun Range

We have the Antelope Valley's only indoor, public gun range for handguns. Come check it out.

Trusted Partners

Gun Range

A Place to Shoot is a great outdoor option to shoot your rifles, shotguns, and handguns in sunny Southern California, nestled in the hills of Santa Clarita, CA.

PJ's Security Training

PJ’s Security Training School is your one-stop shop for guard training, firearms training, requalification, tear gas training, and much more. Call or email today.

Phone: 661-917-3112

Email: guardfirearmtraining@

Firearms Training

Shiloh Darrow and Armed Response Marksman provide a positive learning environment for students of all backgrounds. They strive to educate with the best instruction possible in the hopes that you may continue to learn and enjoy the art of using a firearm.

Concealed Carry Information

For information on applying for and/or obtaining your California concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit, visit the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) website found at the following link: https://lasd.org/ccw/

Where We Are Located

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